Appointments and Cost

What happens next?

Please contact me and we can have a preliminary chat (there is no charge for this). I am happy to answer any questions you may have e.g. anything about our appointments and cost.

If we decide to work together I will send you a pre-therapy questionnaire, therapy agreement and GDPR agreement. The pre-therapy questionnaire allows me to get to know a little more about you before our first session and is treated in the strictest confidence. The therapy agreement is a practical guideline for the framework of therapy while the GDPR agreement details how I use and store your personal information.

You may decide I am not the right therapist for you, and that is absolutely fine; I will respect any decision you make. Likewise, if I feel that I am not the right therapist for you then I will make this clear and suggest other relevant therapist names and avenues of help.

How long is an appointment and how long does therapy last for?

Counselling and psychotherapy sessions last 50 minutes and are usually weekly. Therapy can take place for an agreed time period or on an open-ended basis. I usually encourage regular reviews so we can assess how therapy is helping you, and on this basis whether to continue or end.

I incorporate (if required) EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and Matrix Birth Reimprinting into psychotherapy sessions but also offer them as stand alone therapies too.

What happens at a first session?

During our first session we will address your goals and expectations for therapy and how we are going to work together to achieve them. I often suggest beginning by exploring what is happening for you right now, and everything else, your life story, the big issues and themes, tend to evolve from this. I may also introduce creative techniques like EFT.

If this is your very first time in therapy and feel nervous, please be assured that the whole process will evolve naturally and will always go at your pace.

It can also be helpful to track your progress in therapy by keeping a journal to log your feelings, insights, dreams etc.

How much does an appointment cost?

I charge £60 for in-person and online (video, voice, email) therapy sessions. I also offer lower cost spaces which are negotiable and dependent upon your circumstances.

Can I end therapy any time?

Yes, of course you can. The decision to end therapy is always open to you. However, what I do suggest in the case of longer-term therapy is that when an ending has been agreed we spend at least 4 weeks working towards this. Our relationship will potentially be a significant one and an important aspect of our work together is to address the ending of the relationship.